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Power to the consumer

Powsumer is a consumer driven pricing site that is enticing to educated consumers everywhere.

Moving Inventory

Powsumer provides distributors, retailers, and manufacturers a conduit to sell at profitable margins.

Why Powsumer?

Objective Decisions

Suppliers will have access to price history, purchase trends, search trends, etc. in order to help the supplier to make a knowledgeable decision about pack’s offer.

Creating Packs

We provide consumers with the web and social tools to help create packs from friends, family, and other price-sensitive consumers.

Our Founder: Corbin Bernsen

Corbin is passionate about empowering people

"The key to rebuilding America lies in the re-shoring of the foundation and principles on which it was built; that foundation is an empowered community. Powsumer is a groundbreaking tool that allows community to more actively participate, and drive the price in the consumer choices they make."